Getting Started

Discover activities or sign up for free to create activities of any type, category, size, private or a public, free or paid and for any place or situation requiring coded information labels or access control, that we will promote on the website and social media and you can integrate into your marketing campaign with links, QR codes and iframes.

Collect information for registration, records, surveys, polls and other such user or customer feedback.

Reach users or customers any time with messages by text or email for notifications, alerts and reminders.

Manage ticketing records for tickets, receipts, invoices, vouchers, coupons, invites, passes, badges, and other such labels on dashboards with statistics and analytics in real time that you can also download and print. Send or avail electronic ones sent by email or SMS, or generate and print paper ones or with point of sale printers.

Manage payments online and offline anytime from anywhere with mobile payment (Mobile Money and Credit Cards) and cash with point of sale. No need to register to make a payment and the reconciliation is done in real time as transactions are made.

Validate quickly online and offline with the free Android application that turns any android device into an authentication point or on the website with a QR/Barcode scanner attached to a computer device for faster and shorter lines, better access control, secure and safer management.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or any clarification.