Getting Started

Smart Tickets is a ticketing/receipting service that facilitates the exchange of goods and services. Users discover goods and services, and buy tickets with no need to register to buy or make a payment on the platform.

A user can sign up for a free Personal or Business Account to become an organiser and be able to create activities to promote, manage sales and ticketing with dashboards and view statistics, track sales, attendance and other statistics. Observe scanning progress and collect data as users buy or enter and exit, and study analytics in real time. Reach customers before, during and after an activity with notifications.

Generate tickets or receipts and print for later sales or at the entrance with POS printer. Plus, you can send electronic tickets/receipts that are generated and sent by SMS/email with the code and link to display and download.

Make sales online any time giving a ubiquitous sales point with the advantages of cashless transactions with options of discounts for early bird purchases and surcharge for late bird purchases.

Easy and flexible payment options that support payment with Mobile Payment (Mobile Money and Credit Cards) but also allowing you to sell for cash and keep the records. Plus Instant Cash-out with real time mobile money cash-out.

Validate tickets or receipts quickly with free Android application online and offline or on the website with a QR/Barcode scanner leading to faster, shorter lines with better, access control and safer management that helps prevent fraud and increase security.

Collect and broadcast information on the platform which can be useful for marketing, education campaigns, polling, record keeping and research.

Use of Role based access control allows for accounts to have more than one user with use of permissions, which is useful for companies with staff.

The service is scalable and repeatable thus able to handle growth in user numbers and use cases with continuous improvement aiming for better user experience.

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