Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Smart Tickets?

Smart Tickets is a ticketing service that links mobile money to goods and services by enabling users of mobile money to buy e-tickets and receive the tickets to their phones anytime and anywhere while organizers can set up and manage activities and sell tickets.

2. How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket directly from your phone using mobile money any time anywhere;

  • From our websites (, by clicking on a buy button for an event.
  • From Mobile Money menus of MTN mobile money and Airtel mobile money. Refer to the How to Buy page for details.

3. Do I have to register to buy a ticket?

No, you do not need to register to buy a ticket. You can however sign up for a PERSONAL ACCOUNT on the website to view your purchase history, access the Dashboard where you can resend your ticket to your number, or to another number or email plus you can setup private events and send free tickets. You can also sign up for a BUSINESS ACCOUNT for your company and create public events and sell tickets. Refer to the Getting Started page for details.

4. Which phones are compatible?

All phones that receive SMS are compatible. Yes, even phones like Kabiriti, Katorchi can work.

5. How do I receive the ticket?

The ticket is received as an SMS message with the ticket code and the link to the ticket.

6. How long does the SMS take to get delivered?

The SMS is delivered within a minute after purchase, but delivery times may vary according to network conditions.

7. What do I do when I receive the SMS?

You simply open it to reveal the message (ticket code and ticket link). If you have an internet enabled phone, you can view the ticket image by clicking on the link and can download the ticket by clicking on the download link.

8. What does the ticket look like?

It is an image with a unique QR Code, event art, ticket information such as event name, venue, date, and time of the event, duration, section, row, seat, etc depending on the activity.

9. How do I get into the event?

You will need to have your ticket QR code scanned at the entry point by displaying the ticket to be verified. For some activities, if need be, as each ticket is scanned, POS gadgets can automatically print a paper ticket to be presented to the user.

You can also be admitted into the event by using your ticket code if you cannot view the ticket.

10. What if the QR code on the ticket cannot be scanned?

The ticket code in the SMS can be manually entered into the scanning device to validate your ticket.

11. What other method(s) can be used for verification apart from typing the ticket code and scanning the QR code?

The event organizer can ask you for your mobile number. When they type it in the verification system, it will present them with the ticket details sent to you by SMS including the ticket code.

12. Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes, you can. The online purchase page allows you to specify more than one ticket recipient. When buying offline, you can buy one ticket after another.

13. Can I forward my ticket to a friend?

Yes you can send the ticket or SMS to a friend.

14. Does the ticket admit one?

Normally the ticket admits one and is valid for the duration of the event. However, depending on the event type and ticket type, the ticket may admit more than one person, or be valid for a specified time.

15. What if I do not receive the SMS?

If you have not received the SMS within 5 minutes of the purchase:

  • You can dial *289*12# and choose resend ticket.
  • You can (signup and) log in to your personal account where you can view your ticket information, resend or forward the SMS or the ticket to your number or an alternate number, or email or print out the ticket.
  • You can contact us and we resend or forward the SMS or the ticket to your number, or an alternate number or email.

16. What if I delete the SMS?

See number 15 above.

17. What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, contact the police immediately and inform us by email and/or telephone and we shall suspend verification of your ticket and until you request for the suspension to be lifted. Or, you can log into the Smart Tickets Platform (if you have already signed up) and send the SMS or the ticket to any other number or email.

18. What does it cost to receive a ticket?

All fees related to receiving the SMS are included when you buy the ticket. However, your mobile network may charge a data fee for downloading the ticket. Please consult your mobile network rates for any charges associated with downloading images. The ticket image is small (approximately 80 kilobytes) of data.

19. What if I lose connectivity or have no data bundles on my phone at the time of verification?

You can use the ticket code or your mobile number for verification, but the best thing to do is to always download the ticket image to your phone if your phone supports Internet connectivity. That way, you will have the ticket image stored on your phone.